Ready to feel less reactive, less exhausted &
less anxious each day...

Even amongst the chaos of being MOM?

Welcome to the Conscious Collective, a monthly wellness membership for women who are ready to make their needs and wellness (body, mind & spirit) a priority again...full of Ayurvedic wellness education, simple mindfulness strategies, meal planning inspiration, stress reduction modalities and much more to help you be more calm and confident in the way you're showing up in your home & in the world, AND create a fresh relationship with your body. You shouldn't have to wait till your kids are grown up, to take care of yourself. 

The best way to do this is among other amazing mamas, creating a sisterhood, a circle of women who are all seeking something different for themselves and their families.

Welcome to the Conscious Collective, a monthly wellness membership for women who are ready to make their needs and wellness (body, mind & spirit) a priority again...full of Ayurvedic wellness education, simple mindfulness strategies, meal planning inspiration, stress reduction modalities and much more to help you be more calm and confident in the way you're showing up in your home & in the world, AND create a fresh relationship with your body. You shouldn't have to wait till your kids are grown up, to take care of yourself. 

The best way to do this is among other amazing mamas, creating a sisterhood, a circle of women who are all seeking something different for themselves and their families.


you never thought you'd hear your parent's words come out of your mouth...

you thought you'd be the fun mom, but now you're too exhausted to even play with your kids

 you thought you'd have more patience and not be so reactive

you never imagined it would be so hard to find time and energy to take care of yourself

It's easy to get here, but we believe you don't have to stay here. If you're ready to break these cycles and stop putting YOU on the back burner, it's totally possible. It just takes a plan, inspiration and some loving support to get you there.

We believe that when you take the time to take care of you, your whole family can thrive.



The Sanctuary 
This online course was designed to give mamas who are ready to step beyond the overwhelm and anxiety - all the tools, strategies and guidance they need to make their health & happiness a priority. 

Our 7 Focus Areas include:
  • Ayurvedic Rituals to balance your hormones naturally, get your libido back & strengthen your immune system 
  • Meal Plan to help you get to and maintain your ideal weight while nourishing you & your family 
  • ​Guided Meditations & Yoga that allow you to finally shed the anxiety, guilt, you can be the chillest mama you know.
  • ​Tutorial Videos sharing tools that will allow you to start rewiring your core beliefs and shifting your mindset, you can easily create more of whatever you desire and less of the HARD. 
Monthly Circle Calls
Women have been gathering in circles together throughout time, but somewhere all the way, these gatherings declined.

We are here to bring that back, but in a way that works in the modern world. 

There is something truly miraculous that happens when women create space in their full lives consistently to connect, to be supported, to share stories, to share intimately about the ups and downs, to feel heard and not judged.

Women are rising and becoming amazing leaders in the world and we want that 100%. 

And, with that said, we also see that often their health and happiness suffers as a result, especially for mothers.

Moms, more than anyone on the planet need to have time to drop into the feminine, just BE, have a place to release and let go. 

Great wisdom is revealed when women gather together in circles. That's the energy of these calls. 

These calls are truly the life blood of CRM. 
The Commuity
We are all about you waking up energized, excited for your day ahead and feeling like the goddess you truly are - in your home and out in the world. 

That means we want you to have a place you can go in between the weekly calls when you need a bit more support and community. 

A place to feel acknowledge, heard or get advice or inspiration. A place where you are honored and not judged. 

That is exactly what we have created inside the private, members only Facebook group.

It feels especially potent during these uncertain and unsettling times that women are gathering together to support each other emotionally. 

This program is accessible no matter where you are in the world, what time-zone you’re in, or what your schedule looks like. 

The online sanctuary is available 24/7 so you can work at your own pace. Your weekly lessons are pre-recorded videos designed to guide you through an in-depth coaching experience with us.

The weekly calls are live. If you can't make it for whatever reason, the recordings will be available to listen to within hours. 

You will have access to our private Facebook group to connect with the other mamas and receive inspiration, insights and more weekly. 

Brooke Pilkington
Ayurvedic Practitioner
Energy Worker
Birth & Postpartum Doula
Angela Rocchio
Life & Mindset Coach
Yoga & Meditation Teacher
Founder - The Adrenal Recovery Collective
We are committed to creating a new version of mothering... empowering mamas to create a life where they are part of the fun, where their health & happiness are not at the bottom of the never ending to do list. Where partners know how to support mamas, because we are clear on what we desire and require to create the life of our dreams. 

 >>>We aren't just coaches...we are MOMS  who have spent over a decade specializing in holistic health, stress management, self-love, energy medicine...., but we've struggled too. We get how frustrating it is many days. We've been there... exhausted, losing our temper and being a total  control freak. 

>>> We want MAMAS to thrive! We've spent our lives seeking, gaining tools & healing techniques to get out of the crazy so we could be happy. Now we specialize in it. We've helped many women start to love their bodies, stop the judgement and guilt patterns, find more patience and ease + so much more....all so they can have more FUN on this wild ride. 
Amy K. - Mom & Nurse
" These ladies are a blessing. I've been in the program for a few months now and I'm feeling so strong and confident in my body again because I have a support system to motivate me and keep me consistent. These ladies are pros at getting to the heart of the matter and helping me overcome challenges so quickly that I've spent years trying to do on my own. I feel so empowered as a mother and woman. " 
Heidi S. - Mom & Health Coach
" Before this program, I was struggling after having my second baby; I had no energy, my mood swings were frustrating, and I wasn't happy with how I was showing up as a mom or at my job. I was just surviving. I'm happy to say, I completed a triathlon which is a passion of mine and I'm feeling truly happy again. My husband is so grateful for these ladies and their program because he's seen such an awesome shift in me and it’s amazing I actually have more energy for my children again. "
Carrie C. - Mom & Entrepreneur
" I’ve had so many epiphanies while working this these amazing women, that have been very powerful and have created big shifts for me. I gained a lot of inner strength along with outer physical strength. It’s so nice having someone help me be more committed to myself. I've also realized how much I can accomplish when I have a plan. Now I can use the tools they’ve taught me for the rest of my life..."
Kendra H. - Mom & Outdoor Enthusiast & Horticulturist
"The momentum the CRM program created in my life way definitely my favorite part! Seeing possibilities and unlimiting myself with the help of strong leaders was a priceless gift. The weekly group calls were also so wonderful! Since the program was designed well, the group calls were SO helpful and the questions asked and answered related to what most of the group was thinking and experiencing.
I also released some BIG blocks around family and money while going through the CRM immersion, and have recently been receiving some major gifts in my life financially and within relationships. The time spent in the CRM is to thank for that."
Kristen S. - Mom & Brewery Owner
"I loved the CRM program so much, it was such an amazing experience for me to learn about using different tools and getting rid of thought patterns that no longer serve me. It's still a work in progress for me and I'm excited to continue to work with these ladies and learn even more. My favorite part of the program is probably the weekly calls. They are just so powerful and even though we were all so far away from each other, it felt like we were all in the same room. I loved seeing first hand how much transformation could happen in just one hour on the calls.
 I would absolutely recommend CRM to anyone! This program is so amazing and the support Brooke & Angela have for the members is incredible. All of the areas in the program had great information and it was such an eye-opening experience working through the different exercises. This program is helping me navigate life as a first time mom in a way that I feel good and am so excited about. 
The specific results I have seen in my journey so far are, I am generally happier, have more energy, I have learned to react to stress more calmly, & I have a more positive outlook."
  • Wellness Sanctuary - 7 packed areas designed to give you more energy, ease and freedom in your body & in your home
  • The Calls - weekly community tele-gatherings, a safe place to be 100% you and to remind you that you are not alone 
  • ​​The Community - access to the private Facebook group, a space to connect, share, be accountable & acknowledged...
  • ​Progress Support - weekly emails & checklists to help stay on your path, accountable & to remind you how amazing you are
  • Meditations, energy clearing loops, yoga sequences and sleep nidras that will transform core beliefs so you can have it all
  • ​All this is ready for you to watch or listen when it's convenient for you... so you can go at your own pace! 
Sleep better & have more energy for yourself & your family
Get started today for only $89
You will get an email in your inbox within minutes that will include your very own private login for the program member's area. You will get immediate access to Area 1 of the Program. You will also get another email giving you an access link to join us for this week's LIVE coaching call!

How does the payment work?
When you enroll today you will pay $89 and be grandmothered in at the lowest price we will ever offer this program and you will continue to pay $89 each month until you decide you don't need us anymore and cancel your membership?

How much interface do we get with mentors?
We will be available in the Facebook group each week with inspiration, tips and FB LIVES and you will get a chance to speak with us LIVE once a week and get laser coaching and support on the call, about whatever is coming up for you.

How is this course delivered?
This course is delivered online through a beautiful online dashboard, a Facebook support community and through weekly coaching/support calls via phone and/or zoom. On the dashboard you will have access to all the videos and audio lessons, meditations, how-tos, and so on.  On the calls you can get laser coaching from each of us. And if you can't attend a coaching call LIVE, they are recorded and placed inside the member's area so you can listen to it any time that works for you.

My life is full, how will I fit this in? 
We know you're a busy mama, and tackling one more thing seems like a lot. But this program will ACTUALLY save you tons of TIME, ENERGY & YOUR SANITY because you're efforts are no longer SCATTERED. We help you focus on the right things, doing ONLY what counts. LESS WORRY, "Am I doing the right stuff?" NO more time being overwhelmed and indecisive, doubting yourself.

I really feel this is right for me, but what if it's too hard for me to  justify spending money on myself right now?
We totally get it, but what if YOUR physical, mental & emotional health are the foundation for the health of your family? What if this small investment in this life changing program could drastically improve your life? Instead of spending the money on a latte a day or a some great yoga pants, this is PREVENTATIVE MEDICINE... creating ease & joy for the long term. (and still treating yourself to these things is great too, by the way.) And, let me ask you this...if your child was struggling physically or emotionally and you could invest in something to make their life better, wouldn't you do it?

Creating greater mental, emotional, and physical health in your life is priceless really... and from our experience, this type of investment on your overall health and well-being will save you money in the long run. Medical costs from burnout, hormonal imbalance, other chronic conditions or just compromised immunity... can add up. Bottom line, we think you're worth it and your health and happiness are the best investments you can make.

What do I need to participate in the program?
Once you join, we suggest setting aside special time each week for yourself to work through the online material. Some members find engaging in the Facebook group with others can help with accountability. You will need access to wifi and a laptop to properly complete this course.

Enroll & Get Started Today! Regular price is $149/MONTH!

Food Journal

Ready to shed some pounds? Create a fresh relationship with eating? Log your food for a week is a powerful tool. 

Hormone Balancing Guide

Ayurvedic tips and techniques for creating a healthy hormonal balance in your body...

Guided Meditation Album

 10 meditations tackling issues like hormonal imbalance, insomnia, anxiety, fatigue and more...



How many times has your sanity, your well-being, & your happiness been pushed to the back burner? You have an opportunity to do something about that right now, join us today!

This program has helped so many women reclaim their lives so they can sleep better, have energy and more patience. We're sure it can for you too, but if not, we offer a 30 day money back guarantee.


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