Free Workshop for Busy Mamas
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Angela Rocchio
Stress/Fatigue Coach
Yoga Teacher
Brooke Pilkington
Ayurvedic Practitioner 

5 Secrets to...
momlife made easier!
Simple tools you can apply right away!
If you're struggling right now and you want things to get easier, this workshop is for you.
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In this workshop you'll get:
The ideas shared in this workshop are most likely things you've never heard before, that will allow you to make HUGE shifts. Make sure you don’t miss it. Click below 👇​​​​​​​to register now.

  • SENSE OF HOPE..That it can get EASIER & without extra work
  • NEW TOOLS...Simple ways to feel more CALM & tap into our amazing capacity as moms, without BURNING OURSELVES OUT
  • FOCUSED MINDSET...What you need to focus on & simple ways for letting go of distractions
  • ​AWARENESS...we will shed light on the REAL reason we Mamas struggle & how to change things up without disrupting the flow of your life
  • learn how to enjoy life more + be a part of a collective group of bad-ass moms creating lives they LOVE
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